Dark Sun: Shards of a Broken Crown

Cruel as a Desert Wind

Abraxus and Darsaadi recount a tale of their betrayal in Tyr. Both dray are part of a coterie that had set up an exchange of arcane reagents for a relic of dray craftsmanship. The deal had gone bad and the group had been overcome and captured by unidentified assailants who posed as Veiled Alliance. Darsaadi discovered that his group had been sold into slavery and now the survivors were property of House Tsalaxa. With the freeing of Tyr’s slaves, the survivors of the Crimson Scales were moved to a remote Tsalaxa fort. Abraxus has been looking for a lead on vengeance since the day he himself escaped the slave pits of tyr. Rescuing the Coterie will fulfill his desire to lead his clan brothers out of this dire situation. 4 c647 e091 603385 800
(This image is a preview of the new terrain I am using in future games. Here the characters have stopped by a small Oasis near a village to rest and draft a plan in approaching a Tsalaxa Fort.)
The group set out from Tyr traveling in a small caravan. They spent the first night fighting back marauding Belgoi Stalkers who had entranced members to walk unprotected into the desert. Later that same night a Silk wyrm stalked the survivors till the morning sun deterred it from striking. The next day the group camped near a settlement and witnessed a phenomenon of desert tribes. The inhabitants were travelling by night performing a ritualistic dance macabre where they exchanged places with the dead to keep from falling prey to them. The Heroes continued on to the nearby town where a Harvest-King was tethered to the gray by defiled sand. The spirits and corpses of the dead were slowly passing thru the barriers of the gray to prey on the living. Upon defeating the Harvest-King certain members of the group were tapped by entities in the Gray. A shade of a woman who had performed the ritual was seen as an echo in the closing of the gate.
The next day the Adventurers continued on to Fort Tsalaxa and hatched a plan to pose as potential slave buyers. Thanks to Varis’s shady background they bluffed their way past the guards and met Oathem Tsalaxa, the Fort’s Overlord. He was busy entertaining another Buyer, Arra of Draj. The Slaver had made her decision quietly as Oathem explained the value of his sensitive merchandise. He also regrettably informed the group that he did not have slaves suitable for combat, his gladiator merchandise had been recently sold out. Abel was about to inquire about dray slaves when he saw what Arra had intended for her two recent purchases. A mul held the waif-thin girl steady as Arra pushed a young man to the ground and swung her mace overhead for a skull crushing bash. Abel surged forward and absorbed the blow with the power of his mind. The slaver lashed out and set her Inix on the party, she would not abide the disrespect these wanderers had for her. The skirmish was quick and bloody. Arra lay bleeding into the sand as Oathem had her bodyguards trussed join his stock of slaves. Oathem stooped low to whisper last words and crumbled worthless glass on her dead body, the payment she had sworn were gems mined in Draj. Oathem withdrew from the bloody mess and invited the players to choose from his remaining stock for he had business to finish inside. The crack of a door being thrown open and the rush of several dray roaring in draconic quickly put the idea of a sale behind them. Abraxus had finally located the remains of his Coterie and they were in the midst of a change of leadership, a bloody affair for Dray.


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