Dark Sun: Shards of a Broken Crown

Into Under-Tyr thru the Tembo's Teeth

The Heroes traveled across the Tablelands toward Tyr in search of those responsible for purchasing Abraxus’s dray Coterie. They were going to be forced into recovering artifacts for an unknown organization in return for their freedom. Upon reaching Tyr’s gates they see a great crowd milling about the Caravan Gate. The heroes discover that non-human travelers are being scrutinized by Templars and House Vordon guards. Those seeking swift entry have to pay a hefty
bribe and be thoroughly questioned about an incident. Templars have been searching for those involved in a series of attacks that have further destabilized tyr. Varis an elf thief in the heroes group knows of a path thru the Tembo’s Teeth in Under-Tyr into the city.

Into the Tembo’s Teeth
Varis leads the group thru a series of tunnels that interconnect with sunken streets, dizzying stairs and light-less courtyards. The group doubled back a handful of times because the path has been blocked off by a cave-in. Signs point to Templars sealing off known exit/entrances into Under-Tyr. Part ways along an underground trail that hugged a cliff face voices were heard far below in the ruins of a crumbled building. The party moved along more cautious of attracting attention. They eventually entered a great cavern where the remains of a temple teetered precariously over a chasm. Ancient Hieroglyphs of conflicting belief covered what few walls remained standing. This site looked to be re-purposed many times over several centuries before being buried in a catastrophe long ago. A trapdoor near a broken statue of a demonic creature was accidentally found by Abel. Inside the remains of Priests who wielded a shard of Necromantic Obsidian rose to drive away the Heroes. The encounter quickly became overrun with undead swarming those still above in the ruins and those below in the priests rectory. The heroes overcame the zombies and hurried past the temple into another series of tunnels that would hopefully lead to the surface. They climbed up stairs that might have connected to the basement of a warehouse once but a fresh cave-in blocked the way. Varis was troubled because members of his old gang-The Toothcutters- had been seen in the mob of zombies. The group planned to return to the Temple and move thru the lower level in search of another way out or strike out into another section of Under-Tyr.


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