Dark Sun: Shards of a Broken Crown

Lost Cistern of Aravek

after the events of Vault of D. M.

The band of Lunatics, Mercenary’s and Adventurers succeeded in turning a profit on their latest exploit and deserved only the finest Tyr could offer. They holed up in the Golden Inix, an Inn that catered to soldiers of fortune. The night was filled with celebration, inebriation and bad ideas. Drogan fell in to competing in feats of strength and athletics with a trio of brickers. After
half a dozen games where drogan had held his own he was led aside and implored to take up a quest for the free-slaves of Tyr. Abruptly, a rotund man passed through the bead curtained threshold of the inn. He called for Wine and clapped hands with a Dray that was sitting apart from the crowd. To be continued…


dmjrod dmjrod

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