Dark Sun: Shards of a Broken Crown

Sand Raiders

after blood sand arena before Vault of D. Madar

The heroes spend the night tucked into a Caravanserai, sure they will be forcefully ejected as soon as the sandstorm subsides. Luckily the moment the wind lessens, sometime near the early dawn, a dwarf and the remains of a caravan push through into town and the caravanserai.
" Aid! I require scouts to recover a wagon lost in this blasted storm. 100 gold ceramic coins to the
party who comes to Rhotan vor’s aid. I shall be eternally in debt to you and so will be my house Wavir."

Only a few members took the bounty, Drogan, Abraxus and Shelissa. Benlys had thanked the party for helping him reach altaruk and had left sometime during the night.

Before the group left altaruk, still apprehenisive at the thought of being caught in the open with a sand storm very nearby a tall man walked straight toward them. He was armored in a polished carapace plate armor that had been painted white and carried an obsidian sword that gleamed whiter than the sun. " That caravan doesn’t stand the chance of cool rain in High sun, we have to help, I will help you."

The group braved the desert and survived the attacks of a tribe of silt runners, kruthiks and a ssuran before recovering the cargo and the few remaining free-men. Unfortunately the one adversary that wasn’t susceptible to blade or spell defeated them. Athas’s blistering heat proved too much and forced the heroes to abandon the majority of the wagon and its goods.

Back in Altaruk the group approached Rhotan for their 100gp reward. To say rhotan was disappointed at the loss of his goods to exhaustion, not raiders, slavers or a monster but exhaustion! irked him. He gave the heroes 20% of the reward but that did not sit well with drogan and abraxus. They intimidated the dwarf into paying them in full and luckily rhotan was alone. “Take yer gold, but heed me well, you’ve crossed House Wavir, watch yourselves.” " and you white knight, your reputation is not what I expected if you keep this company" with that Rhotan retreated to his emporium. The Heroes had just began to discuss their next move when Tellemon and
Guards arrived to make good on their threat from the day before. “A caravan lead by house Tomblador is marshaling outside the town walls. It’s time to go.”


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