Dark Sun: Shards of a Broken Crown

Under-Tyr The ruins of a temple from a bygone age

The Heroes had decided to search out the abandoned temple when light and voices echoed down the hall they had come. A raggedy group of beggars and urchins cautiously inched their way up the passage toward the heroes. They were led by Jossi a street performer and member of Tyr’s Eyes that was known to Marcupio and Varis. After introductions, the raggedly group recounted their flight into Under-tyr. Templars above ground had begun to arrest the ne’er do well that hung around respectable districts. The Templars have been emboldened by a new decree from the King. All suspicious individuals were to be arrested and questioned about recent terrorist acts against the crown and Tyr.

One member of Tyr’s eyes offered to travel with the heroes in hopes of finding another exit to the surface. Ofeen Nole, a head strong dwarf who is effectively blind and well into his stone years. The wily old dwarf projects raw emotion into allies around him and uses the way to navigate his surroundings. The heroes pass through several empty courtyards and yawning plazas that show evidence of a culture long ago buried and forgotten before encountering the camp of a necromancer and her cohorts. Thankfully her underlings and herself are away. In her lair were swarms of zombies tethered in place and room for many more. Awakened rot grub swarms feasted on the animated corpses and drew the party in to the zombies clutches. The party overcame the hazards of the necromancer and searched through her personal effects to find much information on rituals that involved contacting a spirit from the Gray. Nearby a side cave leeches ethereal mists from a breach into the Gray. This necromancer Temmnya has cobbled together a hasty ritual to allow audience with a power far more ancient and evil than Tyr has seen. Abel the young man from Tyr is concerned Temmnya might have used this entities power before when he was first animated as an undead warrior. This revelation interests Sandra the Hexblade most because she has also reached out into the Gray and bargained with a Collector, a being she knows very little about.


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