Dark Sun: Shards of a Broken Crown

Vault of Darom Madar

Before the Lost Cistern of Aravek after Sand Raiders

The heroes, Abraxus, Drogan , Shelissa , the Knight and a defiler named Viridus joined a caravan led by Ghul Tomblador on a journey to the deep desert in search of the Vault of Darom Madar, it was rumored to be in the canyon of Guthay. After much adversity they found the cavern by dumb luck. One such harrowing tale was when the heroes were beset by a Gith tribe who were crushed with the aid of Ghul’s champion A fierce Tarek gladiator. Inside the dead still guarded the ancient tomb. Their guide and supposed key into the inner sanctum was an ally named Viridus Madar, who claimed to be the last living scion of the Madar House. Viridus rarely cooperated and even fled the spirit of his ancestor who guarded the treasure room. Luckily spirits of long dead adventurers rose up to fulfill their dying wish of unearthing this treasure they had died in pursuit of. Their spirit forms helped strike down Darom Madar and slipped into a restful afterlife. The heroes were rich! They estimated the vault held riches in excess of ten thousand coin. Several characters pulled one treasure that they saw with favor. Unfortunately, the heroes had taken a few days longer than had Ghul agreed to wait for them near the canyon of guthay. Upon arriving at the agreed upon site they found nothing but the remains of a battle between gith and the caravan. Shelissa was mortally wounded, lying atop the bodies of heaps of gith. On the horizon drogan spied the caravan moving into the alluvial sand wastes. With great haste the group reached Tomblador and convinced them to turn around with tales of the riches they found. The group recovered the treasure and began their long journey to Tyr where Ghul had contacts to offload their sensitive goods. During this journey to tyr the group was joined by Dreyfuss a sage and the Tarek elite left the company. Within a day ride to tyr the group was beset by a highly disciplined group of raiders that were in the employ of house Wavir. Miryon Vor, dwarf, identified himself as the leader of a Wavir sponsored caravan that had lost most of its crew searching for the Vault. He swore and oath the riches would never leave the desert and fired bolts into the slave crew of Tomblador. After felling the dwarf the caravan had too few slaves to man a laden silt skimmer. It was left behind, hidden in the sand maybe never to be found again (there goes 4500gp). The caravan made it back to Tyr where Ghul sold his slave crew outside the city much to the ire of Dreyfuss. Inside Ghul needed a few days to liquidate their assets and would meet the group at the Golden Inix. Abraxus, the knight and allies hatched a plan to retrieve the lost wagon laden with treasure. They found the wagon being picked over by Kruthik and foolhardy rushed them to drive them off. A hive lord burrowed up to defend the clutch and made short work of the group. The only surviving member fled back to tyr by crodlu.


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