• Darsaadi


    A hulking Dray with bronze scales and red eyes.
  • Erdane Templar of Tyr

    Erdane Templar of Tyr

    A human man of middle years who wears a black cassock and a bronze color threaded belt about his waist.
  • Ghuul of House Tomblador

    Ghuul of House Tomblador

    He is a rotund man prone to wearing extravagant and priceless robes, imbibing large quantities of alcohol, and wagering vast amounts of gold on gladiatorial games.
  • Hamanu


    The Lion of Urik.
  • Master of Administration Astini

    Master of Administration Astini

    Astini is a little fat human man that wears the Templars black cassock and bears a piggish face.
  • Miryon Vor

    Miryon Vor

    A short mass of muscle and sinew packed under a layer of beast hide. Dead.
  • Murter Dyan

    Murter Dyan

    He looks a lot younger than you imagined. His robes are of the finest silk wyrm weave and are slashed with mauve. His waist is cinched with a wide leather belt and on his pinky finger is a gold ring, a snake swallowing its own tail.
  • Rhotan Vor

    Rhotan Vor

    He stands just taller than a normal dwarf, and a little rounder from the amount that he eats and drinks. He usually wears only traveller's garments and simple clothing outside of the forge, and doesn't enjoy pomp or circumstance without necessity.