From the time he was a hatchling, Abraxus has always wanted to explore the world of Athas for himself and further his knowledge from what was taught to him by the Elder Dray. It just so happens he has finally had the opportunity to do so in his current expedition across the Tablelands. This custom was set in place to serve as the Dray’s main source to explore and scout before committing to trade routes, encampments, and business contacts. The world of Athas is a savage and brutal environment and breeds only the worst in man and beast across the dunes. These natural scrambles for power and survival shape the belief systems of the isolate dray and must be experienced on an individual basis before returning home. The surviving members of these trials earn the honorary title of a “blade” and gain influence in the Crimson Scales.

Abraxus picked up arms at an especially young age, like all dray do, and acquired a ferocious commanding presence amongst the clan serving as a caravan guard. His powers in healing and medicine have been proven to be exceptionally useful and have been the foundation of his skills but he has always excelled as a battle tactician in the vanguard. His broad terrifying stature and venomously booming voice help extend his bravura presence over the surrounding battlefield and into the menacing sands beyond.

On the eve of his departing ceremony, Abraxus and his brothers were all given gifts from clan members as tokens of adulthood and safe passage, amongst the treasures was a boon of protection given to Abraxus to commemorate his recent marriage and provide liability for future offspring on his successful return. The brothers traveled together for quite a while through the Table lands until they were double crossed and captured by a Cell of the Veiled Alliance that posed as potential arcane reagent clients. They were traded into slavery in the last days of King Kalak’s reign.

Crimson Scales: Their primary source of trade goods are magically enchanted edibles made available through private crops. They are also discreet arms dealers that do not abuse their magic trading licenses from Tyr. Recently, the Crimson Scales have exhausted their resources and dealers for trade. Whatever strong ties they had before have all but completely been broken and they’ve been left with nothing more but an excess of hatred and revenge. The family’s condition looks bleak, and in a state of collapse, but such are the conditions of any isolated faction, aren’t they?


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