Erdane Templar of Tyr

A human man of middle years who wears a black cassock and a bronze color threaded belt about his waist.


Erdane is a Templar of the third rank, Evaluator, in the bureau of Administration. He was ever loyal to the late king and held enough power that he could strip a noble of title and property with a word. He remained loyal to the late king even after the uprising and he managed well in the aftermath. Even as outspoken as he had been in his support of the old king, he retained his office and holdings. However, everything changed when Erdane confronted King Tithian about the nobles murdered at an estate on Tyr’s outskirts. The assasin’s had burned the villa. Erdane commanded air spirits, beings that had fanned the flames, to reveal enough evidence to suggest the king had a hand in the nobles deaths. King Tithian listened to his accusations then sent him away. Erdane was then sent to work in the most remote room in the Vault of Records reduced to the station of a copyist under Astini, Master of Administration.

He has was sent to inspect a lost Cistern and report it’s condition. Erdane suspected this was a ploy by Astini to have him die accidentally in the deep desert. Copying the design of this Cistern could benefit Tyr in warfare and trade if the city had the funds but Tyr does not.

Having returned from the desert a series of attacks on the arena and brickyards led him to start an investigation on terrorist organizations. He was last seen helping a group of adventurers flee the scene of an elemental explosion in the brickyards.

Erdane Templar of Tyr

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