Perasai (KIA)


Perasai was pale skinned with long, flowing blond hair. She was gorgeous to look upon, and had a mischievious twinkle in her eye that said there was more to her than beauty. DECEASED.


Dashing and daring, Perasai was a Sargeant-at-Arms in the City Guard of Tyr. Order and duty aside, she patrolled the taverns of the city looking for a good brawl and a tankard of ale. Although a wandering duelist, she was not the type for a straight forward stand up fight; no, she was one for the shadows with flashing blade and constricting garrote. Popular amongst the men of her company, and indeed, the townsfolk along her patrol route, she returned their love with fierce loyalty in battle. To strike from hiding and bask in the adulation of her admirers was her daily norm.

Her carefree and fun-loving nature is a rare thing in Athas… and for good reason.

One fateful day, Perasai was assigned to a battle hardened group to hunt down a fearful beast. She relished the opportunity to prove herself against such a legendary creature as the Tembo. And the cause was noble and just: to liberate a cistern, a fresh source of water, from the hateful gith for the citizenry of Tyr!

The gith were quickly dispatched, but one of her comrades was slyly ambushed and thrown into a pit with the vile creature. Ever fearless and wreckless, she leapt into the pit and onto its back to save her friend. Her trusty garrote slipped about its neck and cut into its flesh. With single-minded determination it ignored the blood flowing from its throat to savage its hapless prey.

When the Tembo was done with its grim feast, it turned its attention to Perasai and threw her from its back with contemptuous ease. For long minutes, they strove against each other; murderous claw and fang against darting blade. Lightning and darts flew down from the other party members above in her aid, and she too struck many telling wounds.

But it was a whirling dance of death that both would embrace. Ultimately, in the dank undergound with precious blood-soaked water splashing violently, it was she who stumbled first. The cunning monster was upon her before she could recover and clamped down upon her throat, in seeming mockery of her own earlier attack. But it too was mortally wounded. And yet, a Tembo is a mighty legend of evil, not a cowardly snivelling animal that runs with tail tucked when struck a blow. Rather than preserve its life by escaping, it raked the dying duelist until all her organs were savaged and the light of life left her eyes. It died moments later, all the while laughing its way into the Dark.

Perasai (KIA)

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