"To gain power, you need to take it."


RAR! Mewling and puny, I was the runt of the litter. From the very first seconds of life, it was very obvious, “to gain power, you must take it.” Shoved aside by stronger siblings, the battle to suckle at a life-giving teat was deadly serious from the start. I learned there were other ways than strength to take my due…

Always considered weak and small, I ate the scraps and grew but slowly. In time, I failed the tribe’s rite of passage and was exiled. Amongst the desert wastes, I sought shelter from a fierce sandstorm within an old stone structure. Many of the runes and pictograms survived upon the walls, and I studied them with great interest.

I found that in the past there were gods. But in the end, they were mortal and cast down. What are gods then but mighty beings of great power. They are dead now and have no need of their power. I shall take it from their desiccated carcasses and become a god myself.

To this end, I became a Sohei; a temple knight of a dead god. I pray to no one, but this martial discipline will create an affinity with them so that I can seize what is rightfully mine. Power.


Dark Sun: Shards of a Broken Crown dmjrod RAR