Rhotan Vor

He stands just taller than a normal dwarf, and a little rounder from the amount that he eats and drinks. He usually wears only traveller's garments and simple clothing outside of the forge, and doesn't enjoy pomp or circumstance without necessity.


Rhotan Vor is a Balican Dwarf merchant, who is the head of the House Wavir trading post in Altaruk. He initially met the party after hiring them to recover a caravan wagon that had gone missing after a sand storm. Disappointed at the group’s failure he refused to pay the agreed upon bounty. The party’s Dray and Mul threatened him to part with his coin.

Rhotan is a hardworking, honest, upstanding young dwarf trying to make a name for himself in the merchant house of Wavir, located in Balic. Rhotan is a stout-hearted little dwarf with great love of his kin and of his craft. Rhotan is the son of Ivan Vor, one of the merchants on the ruling council of House Wavir, one of the last bastions against slavery in the “civilized” world.

Rhotan’s official business is that he is a jeweller, but beneath that guise he operates a weapons and armor business and has arrangements made with Arisphistaneles to supply his city with weapons made of chitin, bone, and a few rare metals to defend against attackers from the wilderness, from Urik, from Tyr, or even from Balic itself. He had a firm love of drink, dancing, and singing, and makes this known to everyone in a mile’s radius the second that a drop of alcohol hits his system.

Rhotan Vor

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