Sindr Parchwater


Sindr is a young genasi of 20 years. He appears as a lean human of about the same age, but his genasi features are hard to miss.

Necessity demands that he manifest his sandsoul when dealing with the peoples of the Tyr Region. His skin is tan and traced with faint white lines that turn sharply into geometric patterns. Those markings he passes off as tattoos but he has trouble concealing his eyes, which are pure white. Further, the top of his temple tapers into elegant ridges resembling mountain ranges.

Should he need to defend himself, Sindr’s skin turns ashen grey, the lines of his skin glow in a dim fiery-orange, and his head expels a faint trail of smoke as he manifests his cindersoul.

To compensate for the attention he may garner from his outward appearance, he dresses in the plainest of cloth cloaks and leather armours.


Origins Beyond the Silt

Sindr hails from a distant island in the Silt Sea that no longer bears life. His enclave was sheltered from the blistering winds and the prying eyes of explorers behind dense boulder fields so treacherous that even giants dare not traverse its paths. The community had become complacent, comfortable in its relatively peaceful existence. Which was why they were unprepared for the destruction brought upon them by Sindr’s parents.

The Parchwaters are descended from a water genasi family of old and Sindr’s parents were shaman sandsoul rainbringers devoted Vezzuvu and Solkara. In an attempt to revive the expired watersoul in their lineage, the Parchwaters associated with the elemental spirits of the Sea of Silt, hoping to interact with a spirit of bygone waters.

They found an elemental spirit willing to lend them power from the realm of primordials. The spirit led them to an ancient ruin dedicated to a nameless primordial of water in the far eastern reaches of the Silt Sea. There they performed the ritual taught to them by the spirit. After their return to the enclave, Sindr was conceived. Nine months later he was born. To the horror of his parents, he was not born with the manifestation of sand or water. Instead, his soul was corrupted by the spirit his parents had found. The spirit told the Parchwaters on the day of Sindr’s birth that their ancestors were deplorable defilers and, for their sins against Athas, the lineage would now be corrupted by the evil fires of an Abyss.

Fifteen years later, word of the birth of a half-elemental with a corrupted soul escaped their community and entered the ears of a beast titan whose tribe was a week’s travel from the enclave. The enclave’s location was betrayed by the same elemental spirit that misled the Parchwaters and the giants ravaged the population. Not even the boulder fields that had deterred previous invaders stopped the giants from reaching the settlement. The fight for their freedom was lost the moment the first foreign foot set upon the land and the genasi were either slaughtered or enslaved. Only a few who could manifest the form of sand were able to escape into the Sea of Silt. Fortunately for Sindr, he was one of them.

Sindr reached the lands of civilization with a hatred for that vengeful spirit of the Silt Sea more fierce than the force of giants that displaced his kinsman and stamped out his home from the face of Athas.

Time Amongst the Civilized

After spending some time in Tyr, Sindr heard a bounty offered by the city’s different factions. They all wanted more information on a lost cistern. The information was being handled by Varun, a human trader down on his luck. He was selling his ancestors secrets. Rather than trek off into the desert, Sindr investigated where Varun got his secrets from. The rumour was that Varun’s ancestor had researched the element of water to the ire of templars. In the depths of a decrepit mansion, Sindr met his current adventuring group while plumbing its dirt floors for information.

Sindr Parchwater

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