Ghuul of House Tomblador

He is a rotund man prone to wearing extravagant and priceless robes, imbibing large quantities of alcohol, and wagering vast amounts of gold on gladiatorial games.


Ghuul Tomblador initially approached the Heroes after betting against them in a gladiatorial match in Altaruk. He put forth an offer to search for the Vault of Darom Madar, a hoard of treasure. He had met a drunken man in Balic that sold information as to the location of the Vault. Ghuul being no ones fool took the man (Viridus) captive as insurance to the location of the vault. After acquiring the treasure in sand skiffs Ghuul turned his caravan to Tyr, where he heard rumors that the Sorcerer King Kalak had been killed by a slave rebellion.

Now that he has arrived in Tyr, Ghuul spends most days in the Iron square. There he trades among other merchant houses and dune traders. Ghuul always has a ear open to opportunities. He has high opinions of the heroes skills and spreads praise of their skills.

Ghuul of House Tomblador

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